Saturday, 9 January 2010

Miss Bimbo Level 2 Goals

1. Buy 6 New Items From Nines Clothing Store.

Buy 6 of the cheapest items you can find in Nines (clothes)

2. You have been invited to a Party with your boyfriend. Oh No! You don't Have one at the moment. Find a Boyfriend Now.

Go to the City Then to the club and Click go flirting.

3. Go to the Hairstylist and Get a Pink Bun.

Go to beauty, and then the hairstylist and go to the last pages on hairstyles and the pink bun is at the top. Then go Down a Page in Colours and Click on Pink NOT PEACH.

4. Rent your own appartment.

Go to the city, then the estate agency and rent/buy the apartment of your choice. at this stage I reccomend the Flat In New York.

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